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Оur dedication to high-end audio is more than just a business venture – it's a journey born out of a passionate pursuit of perfection.

What sets us apart is our hands-on experience – years spent experimenting with DIY audio projects, tweaking components, and refining our technical skills. This unique expertise allows us to curate a selection of brands and products that meet or exceed our stringent standards.Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or new to the world of high-end audio, let Chicago HiFi be your guide. Our team is here to offer personalized recommendations, ensuring you make informed choices for your audio system.

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Sean Jacobs ARC6 DC4

Big bass!  Had to turn REL S/812 down
Much cleaner & more present bass.
Bass is “foundational”. Palpable. Visceral.
And recall, I turned down sub. My room is now pressurized. Was unable to achieve this before.   More detail and (sweet - not hyper-delineated) clarity of inner voices.  

“More music and more musicality.”
More present and relaxed. No fatigue whatsoever.  Just music. Imaging is somehow more precise without “laser-like” placement - which to my ears unrealistic is often unrealistic. Simply enhances what I like most about my system.  No edginess or glare on vocals. Again, relaxed.  Streaming more analog-like?

Though a subjective value , DAVE/DC4ARC6 easily brings 30% more to my system. So much for “chasing the final 10%”.


Evanston, IL

Taiko Extreme Router

Within the first few notes, the sound stage blew me away.  So spacious, so 3-d like.  Switching back to old setup made the sound seem like it was between my ears vs out of my head with the router.  The soundstage is a great magnitude larger with the router.  A very trippy feeling with headphones. Never heard any headphone system with a soundstage this wide, deep or tall.

It’s amazing how big the stage  is, yet sounds so natural.  It is not an artificial stage that I have heard on some headphones that is pushed way to the left and right. Notes linger longer.  Detail more clearly heard.  There is a more coherent presentation.  Different instruments just jive together that much better.  Plus all the other benefits of a lower noise floor.  There is nothing not to like...

Headphone system

Chicago, IL